Introduce Your Child to The Sugar Fairies

A brilliant book that makes tooth brushing & reducing sugar FUN for Kids!!

Let's face it,  sugar is everywhere these days! 

I am not a doctor but I know how destructive too much sugar is. As a  mom, I was overwhelmed with all of the sugar that was coming into my home until I "discovered" The Sugar Fairies! I created a way to teach children that they can make healthy choices themselves and it can be FUN with the help of these fairies (and YOU!) The concept of this "reward" is similar to the Tooth Fairy tradition.  When your child gets lots of candy, if they choose to give some to the Sugar Fairies, they will leave a prize for them in the morning as an exchange because they know how hard it is to not eat all those sweets! It may seem like Halloween would only be a time for Sugar Fairies but as a parent, I found these fairies to be quite handy for many occasions; birthday party loot, any time we went to a parade, Easter, Christmas, Valentines Day, School parties, Fairs, after arcade visits and the list goes on! My daughter gladly traded her candy for the chance to witness fairy magic at her door step! Of course, she kept some as a treat but there was always plenty for her fairies. Bags and bags of candy were given to them and it just made me smile to know that all that sugar went somewhere else! 

Hooray for The Sugar Fairies!

 Enjoy the magic and fun of these sweet, helpful fairies! May this become a fun, new tradition for your family too! 

The Story of the Sugar Fairies


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Written By Robin E Mizwa

The Story of the Sugar Fairies

Meet the Sugar Fairies! Beautifully illustrated and written in rhyme, both boys and girls LOVE these fairies!  Learn how the Sugar Fairies helped their cousins, the Tooth Fairies, with a BIG problem in fairy town . . . . cavaties! The Sugar Fairies know how hard it can be to resist eating lots of sweets and "they" reward children when they make a good choice about putting healthy limits on them. 

Author, Robin E Mizwa - Naples, Florida

Illustraded by Ira Baykovska

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The Story of the Sugar Fairies

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